What's in my carry on: Road Trip Edition.

Hello Cowgirls and Cowboys I hope y'all had a great week! I apologize for not having a blog post up on Monday, I was on a road trip from Illinois to Florida so it's a few days late but I thought I'd share with you what I packed in my carry on for the road trip. 

"Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly." ~Tony Robbins.

The carry on bag I chose for this trip is a hand made backpack that I got in Cozumel, Mexico while I was there. I take quite a few road trips so I know exactly what I need for my bag. 

  • Magazine - I always bring one magazine with me, for this trip I brought Barrel Horse News september 2017 issue.
  • Book - The book I am reading now is '52 ways to live a kick-ass life'. I am about half way through the book and it is really good. 
  • Laptop - Of course, I always bring my laptop so I can work on blog posts, school and other things. 
  • Chargers.
  • Notebook - I always pack a notebook and this trip I am working on Jenna Smeenk's 30 days to thrive challenge group. 
  • Journal - I also bring a journal to write about my days and what I did.
  • Headphones - I use the Beats by dre. headphones that I got for christmas one year, they are super comfy and have great sound. 
  • Hand sanitizer - I also always bring hand sanitizer, my favorite is from bath & body works. 
  • Camera - For YouTube videos and just as a camera. I just got the go pro hero 5 that my sister ot me for my birthday so expect some new YouTube videos very soon!
  • Phone - This is an obvious but I also like watching YouTube videos, Netflix, and listen to podcasts on the road. 

That is all that I pack in my carry on for Road Trips. I am going to Las Vegas in December and I am flying so I will do a carry on for airplanes too! 


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Kelly O'Connor