5 Ways To Save Money As an Equestrian

Hey y'all, Happy Tuesdayyy!! So I know us fellow Equestrians are looking for ways to save money, so I put together a few money saving tips. You may or may not have heard of these tips and tricks, but I thought I'd share with y'all anyway. 

"A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it..." ~Unknown.

Dollar Store: This one is a great place to shop for horsey things at the, you can get bucket brushes, organizers for the barn. I would buy shampoo there for the horses, spray bottles for fly spray and you can buy hair elastics for braiding manes and tails too. 

Turn out: Switch to 24-hour turn out if possible. By doing this it will save on shavings. So our horses have 24-hour turn out but it's weather permitting, so if it's winter time they come in at night cause it can get pretty cold where I live. Our horses do have loafing shed outside and can escape the elements at any point if they'd like to. 

Coconut Oil: You can use coconut oil in the horses Man and Tail to moisturize it. If you do use Coconut oil it can be a little messy and greasy so just keep that in mind. I have used this hack quite a bit and it really does moisturize. 

Grow your own hay: I understand not everyone has the means to grow their own hay, but if you do it can save quite a bit of money. When we lived in Michigan we were blessed with 20 acres, and about 14 of them were used for growing hay. Now we had a deal with one of our neighbors that he would cut and bale the hay and we would pay him with half of the hay, which worked out great because we still had plenty of hay through winter for our 3 horses. 

Make your own products: There are so many DIY recipes for fly spray, conditioner, detangler, etc. I have a recipe for a detangler that you can find here https://www.itsacowgirlslife.com/blog/2017/8/19/diy-mane-tail-detangler


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