Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Extravagant Gifts

The Holiday season is now upon us, so I am doing a holiday gift guide series. I already have my Equestrian Gift Guide up. Now it is time to do the Extravagant gifts. I have 10 gifts for Her and 10 gifts for Him but many of these gifts are gender neutral. These are for gifts that are over $100. 

*This post is not sponsored in anyway, all opinions and suggestions are my own.* 


  1. Headphones: This would be a great gift, I received Beats by dre. one year for my christmas present and I have used them everyday since. Bose has great ones and the FRENDS headphones are pretty too. 
  2. iPadI think just about everyone would love to receive this as a gift. You can do so many things on it, watch movies, type papers, read books, etc.
  3. Handbag: A designer handbag would be a great gift. Michael Kors is great and more affordable on the designer side. Kate Spade is a classic too. Louis Vuitton has beautiful pieces as well. 
  4. Jewelry: This is a gift that just about any age would love to receive but especially a Teenager or older. I think this bracelet from Tiffany & Co. is beautiful and perfect for nearly everyone, it is priced at $150. 
  5. iPhoneThis would be a great gift. I think phones are something that people want but don't want to spend that kind of money on themselves. 
  6. UggsI know this gift is what some people would call "basic" but it is also a classic in my opinion. They have many different styles and colors and are great for the Fall and Winter months.  
  7. Concert Tickets: This would be a great gift to give or receive. If you know who their favorite singer or band is you could get them two tickets or so to go to that concert and that would be a wonderful gift. While many concert tickets are $100 or less depending on the venue and where you choose the seats they can be less. 
  8. Hair Tools: I think many girls would love a really great hair straightener, curling wand, or hair dryer but don't always want to spend that kind of money on themselves. GHD and Nano Titanium by BaByliss pro have great straighteners. NuMe and The Dolphin Wand (by the amazing Katie Rogers) have great curling wands. The Dry Bar and NuMe have great blow dryers. 
  9. TV: An Apple TV, Roku, or any programs that allow you to watch Netflix, Hulu, and youtube on your TV would be a great gift to give or receive. 
  10. Gift Card: A Gift Card/Gift Certificate to a Nail Salon, Hair Salon, or a Spa would be a great luxurious gift. 



  1. Watch: I think a nice watch would be a great gift for a guy, especially if you know their style really well this could be a great gift. 
  2. Laptop: In my opinion nearly anyone would be excited to receive a laptop for christmas or any occasion. Apple has amazing computers in many colors and sizes. 
  3. Sporting event tickets: Almost any guy or even some girls would be excited to receive tickets to a sporting events. From Football, baseball, Hockey basketball, golf tournaments, or Rodeos. 
  4. Briefcase: This would be a great gift for a business man. There are many different briefcases you can choose from to fit different styles and needs. 
  5. Gift Card: Depending on who it is will depend on where you can get it to. Some Ideas are: Home Depot or Lowes, Restaurants, or a sports store. 
  6. Golf GearI know a lot of guys who golf would love to receive golfing gear. Golf clubs, bag, golf balls, gloves, clothing, and tees are just a few things. You can also take this idea and change it according to their hobby it may be Hockey, fishing, hunting, etc. 
  7. Speaker: This is such a great gift in my opinion. There are so many options and price ranges. Here are just a few by Bose, Beats, and JBL.
  8. Winter Coat: This gift of course will depend on where you live and what the Climate is like in the winter. If you live in states with climates similar to Florida you may not need a super expensive heavy winter coat. However, if you live in states with climates similar to Illinois then in my opinion it is worth it to splurge on a nicer coat such as a North Face Jacket
  9. Shoes: For this gift it is a pretty broad category as you could get them running shoes, work shoes, cowboy boots, etc. 
  10. Gym Membership: I think this would be a great gift for just about anyone. But, especially those who have been paying for their gym membership it'd be a nice surprise to have renewed their membership as a gift. 

That is it for my 'Holiday Gift Guide: Extravagant Gifts 2017' I hope y'all enjoyed and got some new gift ideas for this Holiday Season or all year long. Stay tuned for next week when I will be posting for gifts under $100. 


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