Things You Probably Should Know for Better Confidence

Hey y’all! You’re probably thinking, “oh my gosh she uses hey y’all at the beginning of every post”. Well if I say “hey guys” I feel like that seems like I am talking to just guys. But if I say hey y’all then I’m talking to everybody. Anyways, Today I am going to talk about Confidence.

Confidence is something that definitely did not come easy for me and I am still working on it. You know I really was not totally confident with myself until this past December of 2016. We were in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. I held my head up high, and walked with confidence, just that alone helped a lot, because if you act a certain way eventually you will become that. Now, it was not a cocky I’m all that walk, but it was simply a confident walk. I put on my Ranch Dress’n daiquiri jeans, and my Glam & Grit cowboy hat and I had so much confidence. 

You might be thinking how could a pair of jeans and a hat give you confidence just like that. Well, the thing is I was finally wearing clothes that were my style, and clothes that I loved to wear. I used to stay in my comfort zone with my clothes but I realized that I became more confident when I broke out of my comfort zone. 

Something I have learned over time is that confidence is ultimately something that you have to find within yourself. You probably hear people say “fake it, till you make it.” but honestly it helps. If you act or pretend you are confident, then eventually you will actually become confident. That was on of the biggest things that helped me.

Remember chin up, shoulders back. Think about dogs. If a dog walks into a pack with a unsure body language then that dog probably won’t be the dominant one. At least, not easily. But if a dog walks in with a good posture it will be taken more seriously. So it is that same with people and we just need to think a little bit animalistic. If there is a person who intimidates you, and you walk by slouching, with your head down, and mumbling, then they just became more confident themselves and just “leveled up”. So, if you walk with your shoulders back, chin up, smile and say hello, they will know that you are confident yourself and they won’t have that power over you. 

So, overall confidence is something that will have to come to you from you, not from somebody else. It is easier said than done but don’t think about what other people are thinking about you because it simply does not matter. Remember chin up, stand tall. You can and will become confident, just believe in yourself!


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