DIY Spa Day For Your Horse

Alrighty y’all, so we are going to be doing a DIY spa day for our Horses. Before I move on I wanted to mention this post is in collaboration with SQUAD member Monica Berglund, so make sure you go check out her blog post on what to do when yo get to your Rodeo. So let’s get on with the DIY spa day!

So after we exercise our equine friends they would definitely enjoy a spa day, although I’m sure they would enjoy it everyday. So the very first thing I start with is by using the Calm essential oil blend by Three Wise Chicks, to help them relax, I went ahead and put on the muscle elixir by them as well right after I got done riding. 

Then I will begin their bath, be sure to start at their feet and move up slowly especially if they have just worked out or if the water is cold. Then, I will shampoo the horses, I am currently using the Dumor Mane & Coat Shampoo. It is a pretty good shampoo, but I have not tested it out on my grey horse yet, which let’s be real puts any shampoo to the test. I use a small rubber face curry to massage the shampoo in all over, then proceed to rinse it after coated. Be sure that you get all the shampoo off your horse so it doesn’t irritate their skin. 

Next, you can add conditioner if you’d like, but I actually skipped this step because I have a DIY Mane & Tail detangler/leave in conditioner I made for my horses. See the recipe here —–>    So after I scraped the excess water off my horse I used the detangler I made all over, but especially on the mane and tail. I then brushed out the mane and tail while he was drying, be sure that when you brush your horse’s mane and tail that you start from the very bottom and slowly working your way up being sure the tangles are brushed through before moving up. Now, you can spritz your horse with some fly spray, and put their fly mask back on if they have one. 

Finally, I am going to clean out their hooves and put some hooflex oil on their hooves, to help moisturize their feet if they need it. Then I curry them with the magnetic curry comb that I got from Tractor Supply Co. Also be sure to add extra shaving to your horses stall, if they are stalled to add an extra layer of comfort. Be sure to give your horse a few extra cookies too! Now your equine partner will be feeling refreshed and happy, now they will go roll lol! 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY spa day for your horse, be sure to check out Monica’s blog post here.