Fallon Taylor Training DVD’s Review

Hey y’all! I hope y’all have had a great week. You may or may not have seen my recent YouTube video reviewing Fallon Taylor’s training DVD’s. I’ll link it right here for you to view. 

Fallon currently has four training DVD’s however, she only has one for sale on her website. The four DVDs are Brave, Timeless tips, Troubleshooting the 5 toughest barrel racing challenges, and How to train your dragon. So, I will start with Brave.

I really enjoyed this DVD. Brave gave you a behind the scenes look at life on the Rodeo Road. She shared her go pro run on her horse Duty at the Pendleton roundup which was awesome. She showed some of the behind the scenes at the Calgary Stampede as well. Fallon included 10 minutes of raw rodeo run footage, I really like watching the run because I really focus and study how the horse moves. I think a lot of people study the riders which is great, but I personally focus on the horse. When you focus on the Barrel Horse movement and study them long enough, when you’re shopping for a Barrel Horse you can watch them in their runs and be able to tell if it is a true barrel horse. 

The next DVD that Fallon released was Timeless Tips. This DVD was her YouTube tutorials from a few years ago. Now, this is just my opinion and I am not hating on her or bashing this DVD because I am a fan of hers. I do not think it was right of what she did with this DVD, the reason being these were once available for free on YouTube. So, a few years ago Fallon was creating tips and tricks on YouTube, from alley issues to barrel drills. She took them off of YouTube and put them on a DVD and charged people for it. One of the reasons I was disappointed was I was expecting for there to be new content and there was not any new content it was just her YouTube videos. So, I personally did not agree with that, I also think you can find some of the best information for free. This has two DVDs however the content from the first one repeats for a few minutes into the second one. With that being said if you can only get one of these DVD’s I would purchase this one because they are really helpful tips. Again I am not bashing her or this product at all, I am simply just stating my honest opinion. 

The next DVD that came out was Troubleshooting the 5 toughest barrel racing challenges. This DVD was good but it was not my favorite of the 4. I’m not saying that in a bad way because I like all of them. In this DVD Fallon showed other people’s runs critiquing their runs. The reason this was not my favorite was because it was other people’s runs and a fix for that horse. However, you could tailor it to your horse’s needs and tweak it if that specific technique does not work for your horse. 

The last DVD that came out was ‘How To Train Your Dragon tuning and training a hot horse’. I really liked this one. I love how she was very real and showed the not so glamorous parts of training a barrel horse. In one point of the DVD Flo 2.0 actually started rearing up, and I actually like that she kept that part in because that’s real life. She explains everything very well, from how she figured out she was rearing, to actually solving the issue. I would for sure recommend this one. 

So all of these DVD’s would be great to start or add to your training DVD collection. If you could only purchase one I would recommend you get the ‘Timeless Tips’. I looked on Fallon’s website and as of right now she does not have the Troubleshooting DVD available for sale. You can purchase them here.

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