Best Horse Show Checklist Items

Hey Y’all! So, in my most recent blog post which was “How To Get Past The Fear Of Your First Barrel Race” I said that I would do a horse show checklist. I know that some people might bring more than this or might bring less than this but this is what I bring. This could be used for english riders as well as just going to practice.

  • Saddle – I know that this is an obvious item to bring to a horse show but I like to include everything on my checklist.

  • Saddle Pad – I like to bring two or more saddle pads with me to shows and practice.

  • Bridle – It is always a good idea to bring an extra bridle with you to a show or practice, just in case anything happens to your main bridle. I know some people who also use two bits/bridles one to warm up in and one to compete in.

  • Breast Collar – If you run in one then I would bring two breast collar’s as well. I know not everyone runs in one, but I do.

  • Boots or polo wraps – I love how affordable polo wraps are and they come in so many different colors and patterns so I will use them, but I usually ride in Professionals Choice SMB boots, and professionals choice bell boots, which are my favorite bell boots.

  • Horse Treats – This might not be a necessity to everyone but it is to me. I always bring horse treats to reward my horses after their run. The Clint R Mints are my horses favorite treats.

  • Helmet – Not everyone wears a helmet when they run, but I always wear a helmet when I ride so this is a necessity for me.

  • Rubber Bands – I personally do not ride in rubber bands, but if you do it is an easy item to forget so I thought I would include it on here.

  • Water Buckets – I always like to bring my own water buckets. That way I do not have to worry about my horses getting a virus from another horse.

  • First Aid Kit – It is always a good idea to bring both a human and an Equine first aid kit with you, you never know when you’re going to need it.

  • Halter – I always bring an extra rope halter just in case the halter they have on breaks.

  • Grain – Depending on the duration of your show would determine if you want to bring grain or not. I usually bring grain with me even if it is just for the day.

  • Hay – I always have a hay bag in front of my horses, while they are in the trailer and when they are tied at the trailer. So, I also bring extra hay with me.

There might be thing’s on here that you bring and I do not or vise versa. This is just the checklist I have come up with for Horse Shows and Practice. I would love to hear what your horse show essential is so comment below:)

Rodeo RoadKelly O'Connor