How much does a horse cost?

Hey everyone! So, this week I am going to do a post on how much does a horse cost? Now, I’m not talking about the purchase price of a horse I am talking about monthly expenses of a horse. While prices may vary for certain things so I will put an average number or the cost for my horses. 

One of the first things you need to take in to consideration is where will you be keeping your horse? Will you be boarding your horse which means you are housing it on someone else’s property. Or will you be keeping it at your house? So boarding prices per month really depend on your location and the amenities at the barn. There is also different levels, Full board which means they do everything for you. Partial board, which means they do some of it, then there is the option where you just house your horse there but do everything your self. Now, keep in mind that not every facility offers these options, I know some barns who only offer full board. The range of board prices I have personally heard of through barns I have visited was about $500 to $1,400 a month. The one that was $1,400 included amenities that most barns did not even have. I have had my horses on my property for about 6 years now, so I currently do not pay board. As an average I’m going to put $600 for board as an example. If you keep your horses at your own house you need to factor in shavings. I use about 2 bags of shaving a week in my two horses stalls so 4 bags a week at about $5 a bag. At the end of this post I will tally up the cost. 

The next thing you need to budget out is your feeding routine. This is completely different for everybody. You have to factor in grain, supplements, and hay. So the total equine that I feed my horses is $20 per bag and between my two horses I use about 2-3 bags per month. I do not currently feed any supplements. The hay I feed is about $4. I am not sure exactly how many bales my two horses go through each month since our cows, and goats share it. 

The next thing you need to factor in is health care meaning Vet bills and farrier. So, the thing with owning horses is you will at some point have an unexpected vet bill. So my advice would be to set a certain amount aside each month as an emergency fund. The farrier bill is easy to budget for, our horses get there hooves trimmed every 6 weeks and it costs about $40 each so 80$. 

If you have a trainer work with you and your horse you’ll need to factor that in as well. I have just found a new trainer that I will try a lesson with on Tuesday and she is $40 per hour and if everything works out well I will probably do a lesson every 2 weeks making that about $80 per month.

I am going to track this month exactly how much I spent on horses, including training. I will do a follow up post at the end of the month.

So down below is basically what it costs every month for my two horses. This does not include vet bills, such as shots, etc.


Shavings: $60

Grain and hay: $70+

Farrier: $40 (it is $80 every 2 months so we will just call it $40 every month.)

Training: $80

Total = $250 (for my two horses)