How To Save Money On Horse Expenses

Hi y’all! I apologize that I am posting this a day late. I do online school so I had to take a school final yesterday, it took forever. You may have seen my blog post a few weeks ago talking about how much a horse costs every month. Well I decided to write this week about how you can save money on horse expenses. So let’s go ahead and get right into it. 

  • One of the ways you can save money is by trading. What I mean by this is you can exchange lessons for barn work, such as stalls. Maybe they need help exercising horses so you could see if they’ll give you a lesson once a week or so and you can take a lesson.
  • Make your own products – While there are certain products that are cheaper to buy. I recently made my own detangler, which I will share the recipe very soon. 
  • Have quality feed – While horses should always have good quality food. If your horse is given a good quality feed you won’t have to spend as much on supplements. If you spent a little more on the grain it would end up being cheaper since you won’t have such a high supplement cost. Before I switched to total equine feed, my gelding was getting 1 scoop of grain, alfalfa pellets, beet pulp, weight gainer, coat supplement, electrolytes and still did not look as good as he does now. Now he only gets half a scoop of Total equine in the Summer and 1 scoop in the winter. He looks super healthy and has a very shiny coat. All our horses do get good grass and hay though so that helps too. 
  • You can also learn a ton for free on YouTube. You can learn just about anything from how to lunge a horse to Barrel Racing tips. I will link at the end of this video some of my favorite YouTubers, I will also link my channel.
  • Where you board – So if you do have land,  would for sure keep your horses on your property if you can. Board can be expensive and eliminating board from your monthly expenses can help a lot. I know not everyone has the option of keeping their horses at your place but if you can I would. 

I know this is not a super long post but theses are some things that can really help save money. Comment below or on my Instagram @itsacowgirlslife if there are any posts or products you’d like me to review.

Kelly O'Connor