January Favorites

Hey everyone! I apologize for not posting this on Sunday the 29th, I caught the Norovirus and it wiped me out. I am feeling better now though:) My sister gave it to me, and it kind of lingers for a while and sometimes it hits twice. Now, since it is February I thought it would be fitting to do a January favorites post. So I will break it up into categories.


  • Noble Equine 5 O’clock hoof pick. Well, the name of this hoof pick comes from the fact that there is a bottle opener on the other end of it. Obviously that part is useless to me since I am not 21 but my brother bought this hoof pick not even knowing that. This is a really nice hoof pick and it works really well at getting under all the dirt and muck.

  • Clint R Mint horse treats. As I have mentioned in a previous post these are my favorite horse treats. I have run out, and will be repurchasing more.

  • Healthy Hair Care Moisturizer. I love this product and use it as a detangler and it also moisturizes their coat. I really like the smell of this product too.


  • I have been loving the TV show “Heartland” on Netflix it is super good. You would love this TV show if you are into Horses for sure but even if you are not a horse person I think you would still like this show.

  • I have also enjoyed watching videos on YouTube. I have really liked watching Elle Fowler on YouTube. I love her videos and got lots of inspiration. From Makeup, to fashion, and organizational videos, she has it all and they are great videos.

  • I have been reading a lot lately, in fact it is a goal of mine to read 100 books in 2017. I have read and enjoyed “Strong Looks Better Naked” by Khloe Kardashian, “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso, and “Think better Live better” by Joel Osteen.

  • Fun Fact about me is I love planners and stickers to decorate them with. So, I have been loving my Happy Planner and Happy Planner sticker’s. The Happy Planner and accessories are available at Michael’s craft store.

  • I got to see the movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and it was a really good movie and if you guys are able to y’all should definitely go see it, especially if you are a dog lover.



  • I have loved my new outfit that I got from Bar T Boutique. I pair it with my velvet-black booties from Forever 21. http://i.refs.cc/mwXxqyX8

  • My workout clothes I got from Heiress Athletics which I hauled in my previous post have also been a favorite of mine. Shop here.

  • I got a Viva La Juicy perfume set for christmas so that has been my favorite perfume this month.

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