June Favorites

Hey y’all! So, today I decided to do a June Favorites post. I realized I haven’t done a quote of the day in a little while so today’s quote is “It all begins and ends in your my mind. What you give power to, has power over you.” I am not sure who’s quote this is.


  • Paracord Tack – I have recently started making paracord lead ropes. I am open to custom orders, I can do just about any color. Email meitsacowgirlslife@gmail.com to customize your lead rope today.

  • Clint R Mints horse treats – I have mentioned these horse treats before but I have to mention them again. My Horses and I love these treats. One of the reason why I like these is they are fairly healthy and don’t have many harsh ingredients in them.

  • Rhinestone Cowgirl – So this is a Horse related YouTube channel created by Hannah Beth Tems. I love watching You Tube videos especially anything horse related.

  • Renae Cowley – She recently did a drill series where she posted a new drill every week in June. Renae is one of my Mentors, and she has some Awesome You Tube videos.

  • Cactus Saddle – I recently rode in a cactus Barrel saddle and it was the best saddle I have ever ridden in. I do not own one right now but will definitely purchase one in the future.

  • Jenna Smeenk – Jenna is a professional Barrel Racer and also does You Tube videos on the Rodeo Road. She is very real and honest which is something I really respect her for. You should definitely check her channel out!


  • Style your mind podcast – I recently started listening to podcasts and this podcast is by Cara Alwill Leyba. She has great podcasts, with some really good advice. I have been listening to her podcasts lately and have really been enjoying them.

  • Trident Cinnamon gum – Whenever I am craving something sugary, I usually go for this cinnamon gum and it tastes so good.

  • Delirium book – This was the book I read this month and it was a great book. It was very well written and made it easy to visualize what was happening. I added this to my book recommendation list and explained more about this book.


  • Olay fresh effects makeup removing towelettes – These work great at getting all the makeup off easily.

  • First aid beauty ultra repair cream – I love this moisturizer, I got a deluxe sample size and it’s lasted me the whole month and I still have some left. It is very moisturizing but isn’t too heavy.

  • WARPAINT by Fallon Taylor makeup palette – This palette is a great palette, especially for fall. This palette is the 35W palette by Morphe.

  • Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette – Okay y’all! This palette is amazing! This is the best eyeshadow I have used by far. I was using my other morphe palette every day but this has taken its place for sure. I just did a YouTube video swatching it.