Make it happen!

Hey y’all! So, to be honest I was having a hard time coming up with some good quality content. Now, what I mean by that is just writing from the heart and not so much structure. I had a mentor call with my aunt and she told me “write what you’re passionate about. There is no rule on what you can and can’t write.” so that is what I am going to do. Some months there might be more horse related posts, and some weeks there might be more lifestyle posts. It all depends because I am going to start writing what comes to mind rather than trying to fit it into each category. So, posts like saddle fit, and comparing shavings are helpful but it is more structured.

This week I wanted to talk about making things happen. I hear a lot of people say “I wish I had this I wish I had that”, yet they do not do anything to go after it, some people just sit back and wait. Let me tell you right now if you just talk about things you want but do not take massive action to get it, you will not have it. There is a quote out there that is something like “good things happen to those who wait” and I completely disagree with that. Great things will happen to those who work their butts off to make it happen! Sure, good things can happen to those who wait but only whats left over from the people who worked hard to get where they are. Now, don’t get me wrong you can pray, and visualize about what you want and that is important but you still have to work hard whether that is mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Visualizing is a super important part of achieving your goals and making them happen. Let’s say you’re at a Barrel Race or Rodeo that you don’t do well at or even just any jackpot or rodeo. You need to visualize three perfect runs, and really visualize. Think about what your hands are doing, what is your “spot” at each barrel and run that perfect run three times in your head. It takes lots of practice. Then, science is going to take over and what you visualized is going to become muscle memory and chances are that perfect run in your head will happen. Before your run you need to visualize winning the Barrel Race or Rodeo. How would you feel if you won it, what would you do to celebrate your win. If you’re thinking about that your brain won’t be able to worry at the same time.

Your mental state is going to be super important for your growth. Barrel racing or even other sports is 20% skill and 80% psychology. If you want to grow you need to surround yourself with people who want the same. Just think about it you are most like the five people you are around the most whether you try to or not. If you are around uplifting motivating people then you will become one of them. That is super important to your success.

The other thing I wanted to talk about is everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. While someone is sitting on the couch watching TV I am out there doing something with my horses, or reading a book. If I am on the couch watching TV and I think someone is out there working hard to be better, my motivation to do something kicks right back in. I understand people have a job or school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do at least something little everyday to better yourself. That could be listening to an audiobook or reading about what you want to do, at least you’re learning.

My long-term goal is to have another barrel horse and compete and I go out to the barn and groom my horses, or work on groundwork. I get to learn something new, and bond with my horses, even though it was a short 10 minute ground work session, it was productive and full of learning for both me and my horses.

Remember to add value and help other people’s lives because I believe that what you put out you will get back some day. So, find what you want to do, and what you want to accomplish. Read books about it, watch videos, do something everyday to get yourself closer to your goal. Now go out there and get those dreams and goals accomplished. You can do this!

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