Hey y’all! I am sorry I did not get a post up on Sunday, I am out-of-town celebrating my grandmothers 80th birthday. So this week I decided to do a Question and Answer.

  • What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them? Their personality. 
  • What’s your favorite song? Do I have to pick only one lol! I really like “its on” from camp rock 2, yes the Disney movie. FUN FACT: I wrote a song to the melody of “it’s on”.
  • What’s your must have fashion accessory? Shoes for sure, especially cowboy boots. These are one of my favorite pairs I own by Tin Haul.
  • What’s your favorite food? ooh I would say Chicken, because you can prepare it so many ways.
  • Favorite City? I had a hard time picking just one, so I like Las Vegas, NV and Gatlinburg, TN. Here is a picture below of Las Vegas.
  • Favorite movie? Oh that’s a tough one. I have a lot of favorites but I love Secretariat.
  • What’s the greatest invention? There are many great inventions but I would say electricity. That is because many other inventions such as TV, wifi, Phones, etc. would not be possible without electricity. 
  • What’s your favorite color? Pink. I also love anything sparkly.
  • What’s your biggest fear? Snorkeling/Scuba diving. Last time I did it I started hyperventilating and shaking and breathed in water.
  • What’s your dream car? Besides a truck, it would be a black Range Rover, Porsche, or a Mercedes
  • What traits do you look for in a guy? Honest, funny, loving, and supportive.
  • Who’s the last person you called? My sister.
  • What’s something you miss? My family.
  • Zodiac sign? Libra.
  • What’s your favorite time of year? Spring and Fall. I love spring because of the green colors and flowers and warmer weather and nice for riding. I love Fall because it is also amazing riding weather and I love the decorations and the Fall candle scents.
  • Who’s your favorite celebrity? Thats a tough one and to be honest I never really thought about it. I like Shay Mitchell who played Emily on Pretty Little Liars. I also Really like Jenna Smeenk who is a professional barrel racer and has given me great advice in horses and business.
  • What’s a place you want to visit? Washington state.
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to try? Skiing.
  • If you weren’t a Barrel Racer you’d be? A gymnast, I love how powerful and precise you have to be.
  • Do you have any siblings? Yes two brothers and a sister.
  • Why did you start a blog and a YouTube? I started them to most of all help people and have something fun to do.
  • I’m really bad at? I’m not the best at doing my hair other than straightening it or putting in a braid.
  • What’s something you’re really good at? Riding horses and Organizing.
  • What kind and how many animals do you have? My family has a total of 13 animals. We have Horses, Dogs, a Cat, Goats and Cows.
  • Who is your favorite YouTuber? I decided to divide this into categories. These are in no particular order. HORSES: DUHorsemanship, Fallon Taylor, Jenna Smeenk, and Renae Cowley. LIFESTYLE: Shawn Johnson East, Lewis Howes, Love Meg, Shay Mitchell, Bethany Mota, and Cole&Sav. FITNESS: Heidi Somers, and Whitney Simmons.