Spring Cleaning: Barn edition

Hey y’all! Spring is upon us which means… SPRING CLEANING woooo hoooo!! Okay maybe not everyone is that excited about spring cleaning but I am. So, I decided to share with y’all my spring cleaning checklist for the barn so y’all can follow it too if you’d like. This is in no particular order. I started my spring cleaning today. Good news is the warm summer sun is just around the corner.

  • Deep clean all the grooming supplies. – I do this task more than once a year but I like to do it especially in the spring and summer months.
  • Deep clean all tack. – One reason deep cleaning your tack is important is because you get to check your equipment and make sure everything is still in working condition.
  • List unused tack for sale. – I am sure everyone has some tack that just sits around all year long. I know I do, so this year I am going to list tack for sale that I do not use anymore.
  • Take everything out of tack room and clean room. – I like to take everything out of the tack room, dust it, sweep it, and let it air out. While everything is out I will dust everything off before it goes back in.
  • Remove everything from aisle way and blow out the barn. – I will take everything out of the barn aisle way sweep it, then take the blower and blow the barn out. This help get rid of spider webs too.
  • Gut stalls and let them air out all day. – While this task should be done more than once a year I like to add this to my spring cleaning checklist.
  • Wash horse trailer inside and out. – I like to blow out the trailer, sometimes hose it out. Then I will wash the outside with car soap. 
  • Clean out hay loft. clean out all the loose hay. – I am sure there are some piles you’ve set aside that weren’t good in the winter or bales that were a bit iffy. This is the perfect chance to clean all that up.
  • Give horses a bath. – I obviously do this way more than once a year but this is basically there first bath since winter.
  • Drag all the pastures, and arena. – My dad already dragged all the pastures which was really nice. Now we are going to rent a till for out tractor to till the arena. It got pretty hard over the winter so we need something more than just a drag.
  • Soap and scrub all horse troughs and buckets.
  • Clean out hay feeders.
  • Wash horse blankets and store away.

I will keep adding to this list but I thought I would get the start of it up so you guys can start it with me if you wanted:) Next week I can do a spring cleaning list for what I do in the house too, if that’s something y’all would like to see let me know.