Heiress Athletics Haul!

Hi y’all! I know this is not something a Cowgirl would compete in, but some of us Cowgirl’s still like to have chic workout clothes. Maybe you want to look super cute at the gym or maybe you just want something that is comfortable and super cute to wear while traveling on the Rodeo Road. I recently placed an order from Heiress Athletics which is Fallon Taylor’s fitness clothing line. So, I thought I would share with y’all what I purchased. I am apart of the Facebook fitness group ‘Look What Daniel Did’ that Fallon Taylor and Daniel Sullivan put together. Since I am a member of that group I was able to get 70% off my entire order. If you want to get together with an amazing group that is fitness motivational, go here to join.

I had actually planned on purchasing some workout clothes from Heiress Athletics in about a week or two, but I decided to go ahead and make my purchase now since I had such a big discount.

So, the first thing I got was the “Leah Bra and Legging Set” in the Burgundy color, I think this set would look good with a grey top. This set is $45.00 but with the coupon they were only $13.50. I had my eye on this outfit for a while so I quickly added it to my cart. Then, I was going to get the same legging set in the pink color but I decided not too because I am pretty pale and the Pink is a really light pink. It is a really pretty color but I do not think it would not be very flattering on my skin tone. I wanted to get my sister something from Heiress Athletics too, so I got her the same legging set. I bought it in the Navy and Olive color that way she could choose which color she wants and I will have the one she does not want. I think the Navy set would look good with a white top. I would pair the olive set with a light pink top.  Please note that the legging sets are one size. Shop here.

The next thing I got from Heiress Athletics that I thought was so cute is the “Heiress Crown Hoodie”. It is a white hoodie with the Heiress Athletics crown logo in yellow and black. It would look really cute with black leggings, or black leggings with yellow and white accent color’s. This hoodie is $39.00 but with the discount it was about $11.70. Shop here.

I was looking for a pair of workout shorts that were cute and comfy. I was not going to get these shorts but since they were on such a good sale I decided to get the. I got the “Aria Shorts” they are multicolored print. In the picture they look like they are a spandex material and it looks like it has a pocket but I am not 100% sure about that. These shorts are $27.00 but with the 70% off they were about $8.00. Shop here

*Disclaimer: this is not to brag about what I purchased this is simply to show cute workout clothing ideas. This post is not sponsored all items were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own:) These are what the prices for the item’s are right now but pricing could change at any time.

Heiress Athletics.

Look What Daniel Did fitness group: http://www.lookwhatdanieldid.com