Winter Feeding Routine

Hi y’all! Now that the winter months are upon us I thought I would do what my winter feeding routine is for my two Horses, so let’s go ahead and get into my feeding routine.

Mickey is a 21-year-old AQHA Gelding and in the morning he gets about 1-2 flakes of hay depending on the grass level and the weather if we are really short on grass at the beginning of winter or if it snows then he will get more hay. In the Evening he gets one scoop of Total Equine by Total feeds, along with one scoop of horse health product’s joint combo (I reviewed this in my previous post), and one scoop of Dumor electrolyte’s and 2 flakes of hay.

Dixie is a 8-year-old AQHA Mare and in the morning she also will get 1-2 flakes of hay or as needed. In the evening she gets half a scoop of Total Equine feed as well and she gets, one scoop of the Horse Health Products joint combo, one scoop of the Dumor electrolyte, and she will get Mare Magic as needed but she doesn’t get it everyday.

Depending on how bad the winter is will also determine how much I adjust their feeding to more or less.

Visit the total Feeds website here.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own:)

Happy HorsesKelly O'Connor