Life Update!

Hey Y'all! Where to even begin. Let's first start with why I've been gone for so long, can you believe my last time I talked to you guys on here was August 6th!? So, I've been MIA for so long because my new website has been being designed and I love it so much. You can now order your custom lead ropes on here, and eventually I will have a clothing line out too and some other cool products. So let's see: since I talked to you last I've cut my hair, gone to Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming, went to Cheyenne Frontier Days, attended a Chris Jansen/Luke Bryan concert. I went to Washington State for 2 weeks and rescued to baby kittens and well that's about it since then. So let's start with my Wyoming trip!

Me and my Family went to Cheyenne Wyoming for a week during the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. I have a 'Cheyenne Wyoming 2017 Travel Diary' up on my YouTube channel. We also went to Laramie, WY for a day, both my Dad & Brother went to the University of Wyoming. My Dad played baseball for them and my Brother played football for them so we went on the football field which was super cool cause I've only ever been to go watch his game when it was packed with thousands of people. We went to Denver, CO for a day too because My aunt and Grandma live there. While we were in WY my Dad, Sister and I went to a Chris Jansen and Luke Bryan concert which was really good and had a great band and great energy from the crowd.

Then, a week after that I went to Washington to visit my Aunt and Uncle for two weeks. I had so much fun! We went hiking, kayaking, trail riding on their horses and I helped my aunt at her dog grooming shop, so I was completely in my element and loved every minute of it, in fact I'd move out there. We kind of already mentioned me going for the whole summer next year or at least a few more weeks.

Oh yeah, I also rescued two baby kittens when they were just 4 weeks old they were separated from their mother and I found them under a porch when I was taking care of someones dog, so we waited to be sure that they didn't have a mother before we took them in and they did not so I took them in and began feeding them and taking care of them and cleaning them. I named them Monkey and Mighty they will be 8 weeks this week and they are the new addition to the family. So, a lot has gone on since August 6th but thought I'd give a short life update to fill you in. I will go back to my normal posting schedule starting today so expect a new post every Monday! You can now order your custom lead ropes on this very website:) You and your horse feel like a world champion so you and your horse can look like one too with a custom lead rope. 

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