20 facts about Dixie

Hey y’all! For Blogtober day six, I thought I would share some facts about my great Mare Dixie so y’all can get to know her a bit!

  1. Dixie is a Quarter Horse x Arabian.

  2. She is flea bitten grey.

  3. She loves attention.

  4. She always like to see what's going on, if we are doing chores.

  5. She used to haul hogs out of the woods.

  6. She is my Barrel Horse.

  7. She is about 14.3hh.

  8. I've owned her for 4.5 years.

  9. She is very sassy.

  10. She has tons of personality.

  11. She loves to be around people.

  12. She's won a Rodeo.

  13. She likes to pose for pictures.

  14. She is about 950lbs.

  15. She gets very muscular.

  16. She is very fast.

  17. She loves Total Equine.

  18. I’ve only fallen off of her once.

  19. She is my first Barrel Horse.

  20. Dixie is 10 years old.

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