Do dogs have coping skills? - Deep Thoughts Thursday - Blogtober Day Eleven

Hey Y’all! I am so excited for Blogtober Day Eleven. Today I decided to do a Deep Thoughts Thursday where I share some of my thoughts on certain things.

Today’s Deep thought is going to be on Dogs living in the present moment.

“Dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves. They adapt, carry on, and teach us to live in the moment.” -Cesar Millan.

I had this deep thought a few weeks ago when I was walking dogs with my Aunt. The thought surrounded the idea that dogs live in the present moment which is why they are so happy, when they go to eat, or when we come home.

My Deep Thought surrounding that idea is, when a dog has anxiety, because they are in the present moment can they “talk” themselves out of it. For example as humans we develop coping skills to bring us into the present moment. But maybe dogs just accept what is and maybe think they can’t change it, which is why they are able to be so present because they continue with life despite current situations or ailments.

So, I would love for you to leave a comment below, do you think dogs have coping skills or do you think they just have acceptance skills?

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