Tarot Tuesday - Blogtober Day Sixteen

Hey Y’all! Welcome back to Blogtober day sixteen and another Tarot Tuesday! You know the drill for today so lets go ahead and jump right in:

  1. Ace of Stones: Seed of Prosperity. - This card is reminding me to be grateful for the material things that surround me. It is telling me to remember where abundance comes form, and that is gratitude. It also is telling me if I do not feel gratitude with a specific item then give it to someone who will appreciate it. This card is really cool symbol because my Nana just bought me The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo which is essentially explaining what this card is telling me to do.

  2. Seven of Bowls: Swept Away. - This card is really cool, because i is telling me to allow myself to feel the happiness without fear. This card is spot on. A lot of times when life is going really right and everything is amazing and I’m really happy I tend to catch myself pulling out and thinking the other shoe is going to drop, like its going too good whats the catch. So this card is validating that I need to allow myself to feel the happiness.

  3. Seven of Pipes: Doubt Overcome by Action Spirit Freed. - Okay so right away the first connection is I drew three cards two of which were sevens. This card also kind of goes along with me thinking life is too good to be true in some moments. But this is talking about love and fearing loss. After an emotionally traumatic event last year If I find myself loving something or someone strongly, the fear always creeps in and I think about how much I would be hurt if I lost them. So, this card is telling me to focus on love and let my spirit free to dance through life freely without fear.


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Kelly O'Connor