Cowgirl Lessons & Cowgirl Christmas Book Review - Blogtober day 22

Hey Y’all! Welcome back to Blogtober Day Twenty-two. Today I am reviewing two children’s books that were sent to me by the author Rae Rankin to be reviewed. The first book is Cowgirl Lessons and the second book is Cowgirl Christmas.


Cowgirl Lessons: The first thing I noticed is that the illustrations are super cute and well done. This book was illustrated by J-san. This is a pretty accurate representation of the day in the life of a young Cowgirl. It includes realistic Cowgirl Lessons and duties. From the outfit, to chores and riding. I love how this book mentions things such as grooming and tacking up, perfect real life examples of what a young cowgirl or cowboy should expect when getting into Horses. I think this would be a great gift for the young horse lover or a young one who is wanting to get into riding Horses.

Cowgirl Christmas: I loved the illustrations in this book, they were done by J-san as well. I think this is a super cute book for the young cowgirl to get into the holiday spirit. This book has a cute part at the beginning of the little girl eagerly waiting to get out of school to go to the barn and that was totally me as a little girl. This book is great because even in the holiday spirit it shows that Horses still need their stalls cleaned and to be taken care of which is an important lesson for a young cowgirl to know that just cause it’s the holidays the Horses still need to be taken care of. This book may even inspire your young ones to want to give to others like the kids did in the story. This would make a great gift for the young ones this holiday season.


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Cowgirl Lessons by Rae Rankin

Cowgirl Christmas by Rae Rankin

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