Tarot Tuesday - Blogtober Day Twenty-Three

Hey y’all! How’s it going? If you’re returning from Blogtober, thank you so much for hanging out with me and you know what time it is for Tuesday! If you’re a new reader, thank you so much for stopping by for Tarot Tuesday! On Tarot Tuesday I pull Tarot cards for fun and just give a brief description of each meaning, so lets get into it:

  • TWO OF STONES: Reflecting on Potential Use of Resources. The way I interpret this card is its asking me what is the world wanting from me in relation to what I can give. This card is also telling me that if I am feeling out of balance I need to give more of my true talents rather than surface abilities.

  • TEACHING LODGE OF THE ARROWS: Liberator. This card is all about creating a space to thrive in. I was feeling a bit sluggish and slightly discouraged and felt like one of my goals hit a flat spot, and this card helped me figure out what I need to do to get the motivation back. I need to read books, listen to music, watch things, and surround myself with those that get me pumped and excited. Likewise eliminating anything that takes me out of a positive headspace.

  • EIGHT OF PIPES: Your Art Is Your Shield and Power. This card is just validating the fact that I am expressing my creative energy with confidence. This is true, I have become more confident in my creativity and truly expressing what I feel and what I want to share. It feels so good to have a creative outlet that I can share with others.

Countdown: 8 days till’ Halloween.


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