Surround Yourself with Happiness - Blogtober day 24

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to have you here for Day 24 of Blogtober. Today I am going to be talking about the importance of who and what we surround ourselves with.

I always strive to keep positivity and happiness in all aspects of my life so I like to watch these things to surround myself with happiness any way I can:

  • Music: Music is a huge part of my life. I absolutely love it. It speaks to my soul in so many ways and I love listening to the stories the artist is telling through music. However There are some songs that can make me feel emotional and anxious because it reminds me too much of a dark time in my life and will almost instantly drop my mood if I am not careful. So, I listen to songs that put me in a energetic and happy mood.

  • TV/Movies: I also love TV Shows and Movies so I pay attention to how I feel when I watch them. If I feel anxious in any way watching something than I may take a break for a bit and watch it later. I always watch shows that make me feel good and inspired and two that always makes me feel good is Dancing With The Stars and The Voice. I can watch almost anything now and be totally fine but when I was depressed and had bad anxiety from a trauma I witnessed I couldn’t watch anything with violence for quite awhile cause it would send my heart rate up but now I am able to since I have worked through it. But I definitely focus on positive TV and Movies.

  • People: If someone I am surrounding with gives me anxiety or negative emotions I do shut myself off more to protect myself. If it is someone who has a total negative impact on my life and is always putting me down then I will remove myself from that relationship. I do strive to surround myself with those who make me laugh, are positive and who are overall good people.

  • Food: I do like to pay attention to my diet. I am by no means the healthiest eater. In fact I had a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart for breakfast. But I do my best to balance Healthy food with having treats. I’ve been on a very strict diet before and I realized that for me a diet isn’t the best but balance is. I also pay attention to my caffeine intake.

  • Books: Whether it is Non-Fiction or Fiction I do try to read books that make me feel good and that add value to my life. I love to read and I especially love motivational books.

  • Tarot/Spiritual: For guidance I love using Tarot Cards and asking God and The Universe for signs and symbols throughout the day. I also love the power of gratitude, I have been slacking on my journaling lately but I think it is an amazing thing when we journal daily things we’re grateful for.


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