7 Things You Can Do To Help with Anxiety - Blogtober Day 25

Hey y’all! I am so excited to have you back for Blogtober Day 25 and if you’re new here then thank you and welcome to Blogtober, where I upload a new blog post everyday for the month of October. Today I am going to be talking about different ways to help with Anxiety. I am by no means a professional just a girl who went through a lot and came out on the “other side” and I want so badly to help other people do the same.

  • Gratitude: I have mentioned Gratitude before but this one is so so important. It’s a scientific fact that our brains can only flip back and fourth but they can’t focus on two things simultaneously. So if you are feeling any negative thoughts or feelings start thinking of as many things you’re grateful for and truly feel the gratitude. It can be something as simple as your favorite song, or food. This will help shift your energy to a positive frequency, which will start to attract more because like attracts like.

  • Meditation: This one is one of the most important to me. Now, before you think seriously I can’t just sit there quietly. It doesn’t have to be sitting in silence at all. To me what meditation means is anything that grounds you and pulls you into the present moment. For me this is riding Horses. Riding Horses is incredibly therapeutic for me and was crucial in my healing process and is the only thing that 100% can pull me into the present moment. Meditation for you might be sitting in silence, music, art, driving, just about anything, but it must bring you into the present moment.

  • Journal: I did this a lot when I was going through Anxiety and Depression and it almost turned into a form of poetry sometimes. I was actually afraid to journal and I didn’t want to put my feelings out but I realized it was a safe place to un-bottle my feelings without burdening anyone else. The more I journaled through the hard times the more positive it would turn. If you don’t feel comfortable with journaling you can write it and burn it or rip it up as well, just be sure to be safe if you’re burning it!

  • Talk to someone: This follows journaling, I personally think one needs to talk to a person as well. It can be a counselor or even just someone who loves you and you trust. But even with the internet there are so many ways you can talk to someone.

  • Limit Caffeine: This one I didn’t realize could impact me when I had anxiety, but I do limit my caffeine even now. I feel more clarity when I don’t consume as much caffeine.

  • Dance: Jump up and down, flip your hair and just spin all around. Just have a dance party with yourself or grab a friend with some good tunes and I can almost promise you this will make you feel better!

  • Laugh: Sometimes just having a good laugh can help a lot too. Watch funny videos and surround yourself with those who laugh.

I hope some of these things can help you and be sure to share it with someone who may need it:)


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