3 Things To Prepare Your Horse For Winter - Blogtober Day 28

Hey y’all! I know it is Blogtober Day 28 but Winter is fast approaching for some of us. So I am here to help your horse be prepared for Winter with these four tips.

  1. Good Shelter: This is very important. Your Horse(s) need to have a shelter to get protection from the winter elements. This shelter could be in the form of stalls in a barn or a great run in shed in the pasture. We have a 3 sided walk-in shelter for the Horses to get protection and we also have stalls to bring them in at night or if conditions are bad.

  2. Blankets: If you blanket your Horse(s) than it is time to make sure their blankets are in good condition, clean, and ready to be used.

  3. Quality Feed: It is important to provide your horse is hay of some kind especially if you get a lot of snow where you live, providing them with hay can also help them keep warm. I also provide my Horses with Total Equine feed to give them extra calories for the winter.

Kelly O'Connor