Spiritual Sunday

Hey y’all! So I thought since it’s a Sunday, for blogtober day 5. I would do a Spiritual Sunday post. These posts will be anything spiritual related. So for today’s message I wanted to talk about how “Everything happens for a reason.” In this post I am just sharing my opinions and my personal experience.

“When life throws a curveball at us; it’s happpening FOR us not to us.” - Kelly O’Connor

You may or may not be thinking how some things could be happening for us. You could be thinking how does trauma or tragedy happen for us? Now, heres the thing I can’t tell you if every person will find the reason for something happening and I can’t say if someone won’t find the reason. However, I was blessed enough to know why certain things happened.

From my experience I believe that if you’re open minded for the reason then it will come. Sometimes I think that you yourself have the power to determine what reason sits comfortably and resonates with yourself.

For example, when my dog was killed by another dog right in front of me last year it sent me into a downward spiral. But what I gained from that experience I am grateful for the self growth that happened and I quite frankly don’t think I would’ve gained from anything else. I thank my dog all the time for allowing me to grow. While its hard to explain in a way it was like my dog sacrificed herself so that my soul could grow.

I can’t tell you why certain things happen, only you can do that for yourself. But I deeply and truly believe that even if we don’t know why something happens, everything is happening for us not to us. It may take a short time to figure out why, or it may take a long time. If there’s something that you still are trying to figure out why, think of everything good that has come out of it. Sometimes, it can be hard to accept a reason as it can be brutally honest as well.

Like I said this is all from my experience and my perspective, I just think its fun to share.

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