Five Habits That Have Changed my Life.

Hey y'all! In today's post I am going to be sharing with you Five Habits That Have Changed my Life. I was watching Erin Henry and MuchelleB on YouTube and they both had a video on Five Habits that Changed their lives, so I got inspired to do a blog post on Five habits of mine that have changed my life. 

  1. Saving Money - This one might seem like an obvious one but, whenever I receive any cash I immediately out it in an envelope and put it in a drawer. I also do not count it often so I am not tempted to spend any. I only carry about $20 cash with me because then I will not spend as much. I also put any $5 and $1 bills that I receive or get in change and put it in a box, this is my travel fund, and I find using $5 and $1's I save enough cash without it being a dramatic amount to put away. 
  2. Reading -  I have always loved reading and read just about everyday. I love both Fiction and Non-Fiction. I do read a lot of motivational/self-help books because I love learning and furthering myself, others, and my career. I have a post on book reviews and book recommendations. 
  3. Making My Bed - This one you might think is kind of silly but I started making my bed everysingl day as soon as my feet hit the floor before I even leave my bedroom. When I make my bed I do the best job I know I can do. I feel this puts me in a mindset for success for the rest of the day. I know I completed something even though its small and I did the best I could. Then, throughout the day whenever I do anything I do the best job that I can do. 
  4. Journaling - I have always loved writing. I thrive in English class when it comes to writing cause that is my strongest subject. I also love journaling, I journal vacations, what I did that day, or prompted journaling. Doing this gives me a creative outlet and it's something that I can do everyday. I highly recommend that you start journaling and if you aren't sure where to start you can go online or pinterest and just search "journal prompts" and even I wil do that sometimes. 
  5. The Law of Attraction - Since learning how to use the Law of Attraction to work for me, it has changed my life. Now, I believe God is a major role in this. God created The Universe so if I ever mention the Universe I am not leaving God out of it cause he has the power. I know your beliefs may be different and that is perfectly okay, so you can take the Law of Attraction in anyway that works for you. With that being said, The Law of Attraction is basically your thoughts will create your reality, whether that be conscious or unconscious thoughts. You can manifest things into your life such as health, wealth, love, happiness, etc. What you give power to will become. I will be doing a blog post on The Law of Attraction within the next week or two and will go into more depth. 

Those are 5 habits that have changed my life. Stay tuned, I will have a new blog post up next Monday (March, 5th) so make sure you scroll down to the bottom of this page to subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when I have posted a new blog post. I also have something pretty exciting launching soon, HINT: it'll be an accessory. 


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Kelly O'Connor