A Letter To Fear

Hey Y'all! I am super excited for this little post. This is going to be a letter to fear that you can read whenever you're feeling extra anxious or fearful. 

"Dear Fear, I understand that you like to accompany me quite often, and you will probably continue to do so, but here's the deal. While at times I may listen to and consider your opinion, you do not have the power to make MY decisions. I of course will listen to what you may have to say as you can save my life in certain situations, then I will listen, but not everything "scary" is something that you need to protect me from. I understand that I can't just make you go away, but I can start to feed more positive thoughts and you will not be riding in the front seat anymore, you'll simply be a passenger.”

I hope whenever you’re fearing something, reading this may help with that.

Kelly O'ConnorComment