June Favorites

Hey y'all! I hope you had a fantastic month of June and an amazing and safe Independence day yesterday. Can you believe we are already into July!? I know I always say this but I can't believe how fast this year is going. Here are some of my favorites for the month of June. 

  • The Passion Project with FT: I joined the Passion Project with FT at the beginning of June and it is a fantastic group. It was free the first 30 days but is now a monthly payment of $19.99. During the month of June I managed to save an extra $130 with the help of the Passion Project.

  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: This is the book I am currently reading and I am a little over half way through it. It is an amazingly fantastic book and I think nearly everyone should read this book. It is a great read and talks a lot about living creatively and I love it.

  • Bauhn wireless headphones: I love these headphones. I got these for christmas last year and they are fantastic! You can listen to them standard, with the cord that plugs into your device or you can charge the headphones and use them wirelessly. They are comfy, have great sound quality, and they have a great battery life per charge.

  • Audible: This is a fantastic app and it allows you to listen to nearly any kind of book. So, if you're driving, cleaning, or out doing barn chores this is a great way to learn or have some entertainment.

  • Daring greatly audiobook: This is the book I am currently listening to on Audible it is by Brene Brown and It is a fantastic book. It talks greatly about vulnerability so this is an awesome listen or read.

  • Pinterest: I absolutely love Pinterest and have been using it for years. I love looking at Decor, DIY, Horse tack, and even training tips. Better yet it's FREE!

  • DIY Mane & Tail Detangler: This is my equine favorite for the month and it is great! I only brush my Horses manes about once a week because brushing them too much can thin out their hair. TIP: Be sure to use detangler any time you brush your Horse's mane or tail to help prevent snagging.

  • The Proposal: This is a new TV show on ABC network and it is part of the bachelor/bachelorette franchise. I only watched one episode but it is a really cool show. Basically, There's one anonymous guy and a panel of ladies. The guy could see them and talk to them. The girls could talk to him but could not see him. They host a series of interviews, and little challenges that eliminate each round and by the end there are two girls left and the guy reveals himself and then proposes to the girl he wants to marry. Oh and this all unfolds in one episode!

  • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon: We went to Florida for 7 days and while we were there we went to Disney's water park and it was super fun! We ended up going on a rainy day and there were no waits on the rides at all. We got to do 15 rides and the wave pool all before 3pm. Also a side note, they do keep there water park very clean in my opinion.

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Cover Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash