7 Best Horse TV Shows & Movies

Today for Blogtober Day 8 I thought it would be super fun to share my favorite Horse-related TV Shows and Movies. I have seen quite a few and thought it would be really fun to share. I would love for you to share your favorite horse related TV shows or movies in the comments below as well. 

TV Shows

  • Heartland: Without giving out any spoilers, Heartland is about a girl and her family who own Heartland ranch, Amy is an incredible horsewoman who can train and rehabilitate just about any horse. It has a great cast, good humor, and is a family friendly show. You can find this show on Netflix. There are currently 10 seasons on Netflix.

  • Free Rein: This is a newer show that currently has 2 seasons on Netflix. Free Rein is about a younger girl, Zoe who is staying at her grandfathers house with her sister Rosie. Zoe stumbles upon a "troubled" horse named Raven and the two connect instantly. This is a super cute show and it follows Zoe and some of her newer friends at the stable.

  • The Saddle Club: This one is an oldie but goodie. The saddle club mainly follows Lisa, Stevie, and Carole. They all are different in ways but the one thing that is similar is their love for Horses. They go on adventures together with the occasional run in and rivalry with the "mean girl" Veronica. I believe this TV show is available on iTunes, Youtube and Amazon Prime Video.


  • Flicka series: There are three movies in the modern series; Flicka, Flicka 2, and Flicka: Country Pride. I absolutely love this series, it is so good! The first one is about a girl Katie, who falls in love with a mustang Flicka. She tries convincing her father to keep him and you get to watch the Journey unfold. The other two follow Flicka and other people who fall in love with him and I love all of them!

  • Secretariat: This is such an inspirational movie. I love this one. In this movie it is showing the journey of Penny and the Legendary Secretariat full of laughter, heartbreak, and triumph when Secretariat shatters a world record while winning the Triple Crown.

  • Dreamer: This movie is about a race horse Soñador who suffers from a broken leg during a race and the the trainer Ben buys her from the owner. With the help of his team and his daughter Cale, you’ll get to watch the amazing Journey of them rehabilitating Soñador to be able to go on and race again.

  • Racing Stripes: This is such a cute movie. A baby Zebra gets left and seperated by the circus when Horse trainer Nolan comes across stripes he takes him home and his daughter Channing falls in love with him and she ends up racing him agains race Horses. This movie has fantastic humor in it, the animals talk to eachother on the farm so it makes for a good laugh too.

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