Pendleton Roundup

Hey y’all! Welcome back to Blogtober for day 11 and the next rodeo in Rodeo Review. The last Rodeo to appear in Rodeo Review was the Puyallup Rodeo. Today I am going to review the Pendleton Rodeo.

The seating is a wrap around stadium seating. The seating is covered as well which is nice. Where we were sitting we had a great view of the whole field. We also were in the shade which was great.

First thing that stood out to me is when the Rodeo Royals like the queens ran out on their Horses and jumped over the barriers. They started it off with great energy! The bronc riding was super cool because they had contestants go out into the field to create a “corral” to encourage the Horses to buck a certain direction but essentially they had the entire field.

This rodeo was not a traditional Rodeo set up in my opinion, as far as the events go. they added events and changed the order of some. One event they added that I loved was the Indians did bareback racing which I thought was incredible!

The first half of the Rodeo was fantastic as far as energy goes. Then around second half they added Steer Roping, this is not the traditional team roping or tie down kind of roping you see at every rodeo, it is different. I personally was not a fan of this event and a couple other people agreed and thought they should do away with it. I think once they did this the energy changed. Another event they added was “wild cow milking” which I personally thought it was hilarious, so that was a great laugh!

If I could make a suggestion to the Pendleton Roundup Rodeo, it would be to move the Barrel Racing event somewhere towards the beginning of the rodeo. The reason being is when they did the Steer Roping the energy was different and when the Barrel Racers ran people were cheering but the energy felt like watching slack. The actual event itself was fantastic and I think the Barrel Racers and their Horses are incredible athletes. I would definitely want to run here someday.

Overall, I think it is a great rodeo and I would rate it an 8/10. We had a great time and I would definitely want to go back again! The other thing is they have fantastic merchandise so you may want to keep in mind when budgeting that you will most likely love the merchandise.

On a side not be sure to check out the parade that they do in the morning while you’re there because that was pretty cool!

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