September Favorites

Wow! This month was Incredible. It was filled with Family, adventure, rodeo, laughter, road trips, and so much more. I am so grateful for everything! First of all I went to Washington state for 2 weeks to visit my Aunt and Uncle and in that time we went to the Puyallup Rodeo & Fair as well as the Pendleton Roundup. Big shout out to my Aunt and Uncle for that whole trip, and my parents for getting me there! I also turned 18 this month which is exciting and bought my first lotto ticket! I have a ton of favorites this month so I won’t keep talking;)

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, a lifestyle, or a job. If it doesn’t make you happy let it go.” -unknown.


  • K9 Hot Blower: I used this K9 hot blower on my Aunt and Uncle’s Horses and it was fantastic. Brushes just do not get all the fine, loose dirt but this does. You will without a doubt have a clean horse after you use this.

  • Charlie 1 horse straw cowboy hat: I bought a Charlie 1 horse straw hat back in March when I was in Cave Creek, AZ and I love it, it is well made and super comfortable!

  • Tipperary Helmet: A helmet is a no brainer (no pun intended) for me and I always ride with one. I had a fall this month and was grateful I wore a helmet as I hit the back of my head when I fell. I feel much safer when wearing a helmet knowing my noggin is protected.

  • Puyallup Rodeo: This was a big favorite of mine this month and now one of my favorite rodeos, I would totally love to compete here someday.


  • Java Chip Frappucino: My favorite drink of the month is a Java Chip Frappucino with Decaf Espresso from Starbucks.

  • iHome casette adapter: I have a 2001 subaru which means it doesn’t have the latest technology of an auxillary plug in it but fear no more as they have an adapter for the cassette slot in your car that allows you to play music from your phone.

  • The Medicine woman tarot cards: My aunt and I did a tarot card pull while we were camping and I loved it, and it was so accurate. My aunt gave me this deck and it is my first tarot deck. I pull 1-3 cards everyday and I love it!

  • Kalyn Nicholson’s coffee talk podcast: This has been in my favorites in the past but I had to share again because I love all of her podcast episodes. They are motivating, uplifting and inspiring.

  • Heartland: I am currently on season 10 of Heartland and it is really good. I definitely recommend it especially to all my Horse lovers out there.

  • Pie Face: This game is so much fun and would be the perfect game to play with Friends and/or Family. It has a huge anticipation build up and is absolutely hilarious.

  • Too Faced better than sex mascara: This mascara is a long time favorite of mine. I naturally have pretty long lashes and with this mascara on top of it they are really long. It isn’t too clumpy but still provides great volume.

Countdown: 30 days ‘till Halloween!


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