How To Find Your Passion

I think we’ve all at some point in our lives found ourselves asking the question, “what am I passionate about?” or the famous “what am I supposed to do with my life?. We all have a purpose and a passion some figure it out right away and some it might take longer, and that is okay. In my opinion it is not so much of a what but rather a when.

You’ve found your passion when you’re so at peace in the moment.

when… Your mind is completely clear, no worries.

when… You feel so content that you know you’re exactly where you need to be in that moment.

when… You are in the present moment so much, time seems to stand still.

when... You get so giddy and happy talking about it, that you just light up.

when… It’s all you take pictures of.

when… In that moment you’re just in pure bliss.

when… You feel so much gratitude in that moment and for that moment.

In my opinion when we ask a “what?” it doesn’t give us our true answer, I believe it is then a more influenced answer. Maybe it’d be biased to what society says we should do. But, when we’re asking ourselves “when'“ it’s a genuine answer from the soul.

For me, I have many things I am passionate about but all of these are how riding Horses makes me feel. It is something I am so passionate about, I really can’t put it into words. Remember, if you find yourself asking '“What” just think of When.

Kelly O'ConnorComment