NERVE: Book Review

Are you a WATCHER or a PLAYER? That’s what Vee had to decide after finding and becoming curious of the NERVE game. How far would you go to get something that you’ve always dreamed of? That’s what Vee and Ian had to think about when they found themselves in the NERVE game.


The author of this book is Jeanne Ryan and this has got to be my favorite book fiction book I’ve read yet. I could not put this book down once I started reading it. In this Adventure fiction book you get to follow along this truth or dare game without the truth. You get just as hooked on the game as Vee does and then you quickly realize how this harmless dare game has now turned into the players being turned against each other in an intense ending.

I like to rotate between fiction and non-fiction and I make sure that I read this one every year. I would love for you to comment below what your favorite Fiction book is, so that I can read it too.

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