Spring Cleaning Checklist: Equestrian Edition!

Hey y’all! Spring is in full swing here. On Easter, it was 81 degrees where I am. For Equestrians, we love spring; for some of us it means show season is upon us. Here are a few things I do every spring to kick off the season.

Mickey loves this warm spring weather. He love’s napping in the sun.

Mickey loves this warm spring weather. He love’s napping in the sun.

  • Clean Blankets: Once spring time hits it is usually safe for me to go ahead and wash and put away my geldings blanket for the hot season. I take this time to look over the blanket for any rips or hardware they may need to be fixed.

  • Blow out the barn: I like to pull everything out of the barn and sweep it out and then take the blower to it and really get the cob webs and debris out of there.

  • Clean Troughs: I do this task quite often but it is definitely included in spring cleaning. I dump out and scrub all of the water troughs.

  • Disinfect: I like to take this time to disinfect anything that needs to be very thoroughly cleaned.

  • Clean Tack: I started cleaning my tack this past weekend. I plan on doing a YouTube video on how i clean my tack very soon.

  • Clean Brushes: I like to clean my brushes at the very least every season. I also pan on doing this in a video as well.

  • Clean Trailer: I take everything out of the trailer and the trailer tack room, I will vacuum out the tack room, then I sweep out the horse part and take it to a local self wash car wash and I really get the outside cleaned up and prepared for any hauling in the summer.

  • Clean Tack Room: I like to deep clean the tack room every season too. I also like to pull everything out and blow it out if I can.

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