April Favorites

Hey y’all! April showers have arrived and it’s time to bring May flowers. Now that April is over, it is time to share a recap and my favorites from the month.


This month I made progress on blinging my riding helmet. I went to two barrel races this month. I got to go to Missouri for one and I helped warm up Horses and was kind of like an assistant at the Barrel Race. I also went to a local Barrel Race with her and I warmed up Horses and got to Exhibition as well which was a blast. I started spring cleaning at the barn by cleaning up some Horse Tack. I also read 2 books this month; GIRL CODE and Think Better Live Better.



  • Fieblings Hoof Dressing: I have been putting this on Mickey’s hoof walls and frog as needed. I have been finishing up this and his hooves look great!

  • Fieblings Saddle Soap: I recently picked up this saddle soap to clean my tack and I think this stuff works great.

  • EqYss Marigold Spray: This has been a long time favorite of mine. I love spritzing this on my Horses, it makes them smell so good.

  • GIRL CODE: This month I read GIRL CODE by Cara Alwill Leyba. I love this book. I like that it isn’t super lengthy but it has great content.

  • Think Better Live Better: I also read this book by Joel Osteen and I loved it. It talks about what I truly believe in and that is mind over matter.

  • Dolphin Tale: This month we watched a lot of Movies and we watched both Dolphin Tale movies and I absolutely loved them and love the story.

  • Jane The Virgin: I am currently watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix. I am on Season 2 as of now and I love it. I go through phases with shows where I switch off a lot but this is the one I am currently loving.


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