May Favorites

Hey y’all! This year is just flying by, I cannot believe June is already here but I am loving the summer weather. So here are a few of my favorites from May.

Mickey loves his Tumble Weed muletape halter.

Mickey loves his Tumble Weed muletape halter.

  • Sleek EZ: This is my absolute favorite grooming tool ever. If you have a horse who is shedding you need this. You can use the Sleek EZ on dogs and cats too. It loosens hair and dirt better than any other grooming tool I have tried. This is definitely worth the money.

  • Dumor Equine Fly Spray: I like to buy a different fly spray every time I run out. I am testing this one out right now. I will be doing a review on my YouTube channel for this one soon. click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out.

  • Eqyss Marigold Premier Spray: This product is a long time favorite of mine and is a part of my grooming routine with my Horses. I love that tis product is cruelty free and it smells amazing too.

  • Riverdale: I have loved this show since the 1st season. The writers have done an amazing job and all the actors and actresses play their roles so well. If you liked Pretty Little Liars then I really think you should watch Riverdale. It is available on Netflix and a few other platforms.

  • Peanut Butter Cup Mocha: I recently started getting this drink from my local coffee shop and it is sooo good. Especially frozen. If you like coffee and you like mochas then this is the drink for you.

  • Tumble Weed Halters: I recently bought a Tumble Weed muletape halter when I was at a local barrel race from Lone Prairie Performance Horse Supply. This is my new favorite halter and I will definitely be getting more.

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