FEELS by Kelly O'Connor

“You tried to make me the fool, but that just wasn’t cool.

I said I wasn’t into drama, but I sure do like the Karma.

I wasn’t going to convert, so I was the one to get hurt.

You said I lack passion, but you need to have some compassion.

You came after my integrity, but where the hell is your dignity?

You attacked my character, but did you even consider?

You said I didn’t care, I about damn near started to swear.

You said I was all talk no action, but I’m all about the Law of Attraction.

I would just like to talk, without feeling so blocked.

I just want you to be happy, so why do I feel so crappy?

I want your support, but why does it feel like I’m in court?

I’m tired of holding a grudge cause it makes me feel like sludge.

Maybe I just want to feel loved, but I’m afraid you just shoved.”

~ Kelly O’Connor

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