December Favorites

Hey y'all! HAPPY NEW YEAR! My goodness, 2017 has come to an end. This year flew by and was a pretty good year for me. I hope it was a good year for you too. I am going to share with you my favorites for the month of December and I may even do a post about my all time favorites in 2017. With That being said let's go ahead and started my favorites and be sure to comment below some of your favorites.*


  • Mini Candy Canes: For the holidays we picked up a small box of mini candy canes for the horses, they love these. They also make their breath smell minty too!

  • Round Bale: This is probably one of the best things we got this month. This was perfect for when the winter weather hit and the snow came. The large round bale lasted our 3 horses the whole month.

  • Manna Pro Bite-size Apple flavor Nuggets: These have been a favorite of mine for a very long time. The first time I ever used these was back in 2010. I have the apple flavor this time but I've also had the peppermint flavor as well.

  • Lead Rope: I made a NEW lead rope this month using a different kind of para-cord. I braided it the same way but, I just used a different kind of para-cord, that is softer too. You can order a customized one in nearly any color for your horse in the 'shop' section of my website.

  • Total Equine: This is also a long time favorite of mine. In my opinion, this is by far the best feed that I have tried to date. I could possibly do a whole post on it, if that is something y'all would like me to do.


  • Las Vegas/National Finals Rodeo: We went to Las Vegas again this year for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. It was such a blast! It was definitely more crowded this year than it has been since I've been going for the past 7 years. We did lots of shopping, walking, eating, rodeo things, and more walking.

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager: I started watching this show this month on Netflix. I am on season 2 now. It can be slow at times but it is a pretty good show.

  • Sunbeam heated blanket: I received this for christmas and I have used it every night since, it is awesome. It also turns off automatically after 10-hrs so you don't have to worry about turning it off.

  • Rodeo-Opoly: I also received this for Christmas this year. I love monopoly. We own Horse-Opoly, Dog-opoly, modern monopoly, Farm-Opoly, Whitetail-Opoly, and now Rodeo-Opoly. We played this after christmas, which I did win, but it was a super fun one.

  • Bauhn wireless headphones: I received these headphones for christmas too, and I love them. I had a pair of beats by dre. and I would snag the cord on everything, so it is nice to have wireless headphones now. The Bauhn headphones are super comfy, too.

  • Arena Bum baseball-T: When we were in Las Vegas we came across this clothing booth that the lady said is a newer company that they're trying to get started. So, my mom got me a T-shirt when I was off shopping somewhere else and gave it to me for Christmas. Arena Bum Apparel has super cute clothes!

  • You are Not your brain by Jeffery M. Shwartz, M.D.: I started reading this book in November, I am almost halfway through. It is getting pretty good however, it is kind of a slower read for me in the beginning, but it is starting to get good.

  • ELF: Of course I have to include Christmas movies in my December favorites! This one is such a classic and I watch it every year, and laugh every time without fail. My Dad and I watched it this year, and we loved it!

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey: This one is also a classic too to me and I watch it every year. I think Jim Carrey plays the Grinch so well in this. Over all I think the cast is really good. Such a good movie to watch with the whole family.

YouTube: I am now adding a "YouTube" section in my favorites posts where I will mention my favorite YouTube channels for that month. 

  • Kalyn Nicholson: I have been watching Kalyn Nicholson for a few years now, and I have always loved her videos, and channel. Also, I have to mention her little dog Bentley is the cutest thing! She has great motivational, beauty, life, and inspirational videos. After watching her videos I get a new kick start for my motivation.

  • Brittany Dawn Fitness: I discovered Brittany's videos a few weeks ago, and I am currently watching her videos from the beginning, but more specifically I am watching her "full day of eating" videos. I am on the flexible diet plan too so I get inspiration and ideas from her channel.

  • Maddi Kempf: I found Maddi's channel about 3 months ago, and I love it. She does weekly vlogs showing her life as a barrel racer and they are just awesome videos and she is such a down to earth person.

  • Simply Equine 27: I came across Hannah's channel a few months ago too. She has great horse videos on her channel, and I like watching horse videos to get new inspiration and ideas from other people.

  • My Channel: I have been loving creating YouTube videos and I am learning more about editing every video I edit.

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