February Favorites

Hey y'all! Can you believe that February is already over!? Spring is on its way, and I could not be more excited! Today I am going to share with you all of my favorites from the month of February. 

  • Audible: My Aunt introduced me to Audible and I love it! I love to multitask when I can so I will listen to an Audio Book when I am cleaning or just relaxing. I am currently listening to "Perfect" which is the 3rd book in the Pretty Little Liars series.

  • Pretty Little Liars book series: Speaking of PLL that was a few of my favorite books. I read the first one and 'Flawless' which is the 2nd one and I loved them both, and highly recommend the series if you are into mystery, drama/suspense.

  • Kalyn Nicholson's YouTube channel: As far as YouTube channels go I have been loving Kalyn's videos. They are motivational, inspirational and just awesome videos.

  • Maddi Kempf: Maddi is another Youtuber who makes great videos! She does weekly vlog style videos in a series called Barrel Racer Life, she is so real and genuine too.

  • May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein: This is a 40-day guidebook or I guess you could consider it a challenge book too. I have enjoyed doing the challenges in this book.

  • Round Bale: This has been a favorite of mine and my Horses too! Buying round bales allows the horses to graze on something all day long, it isn't super messy and it cuts down on cost of hay because I don't have to throw hay flakes out in the paddock.

  • The 52 lists project: I picked this book up after hearing about it from a friend of mine and I love it! This is basically a book that has a prompted list for every week of the year. I like that it is interactive too it has a "Take Action" piece at the bottom of the page. So I would highly recommend this interactive book.

  • Bondi Rescue: I came across this TV Show on Netflix and I loved it! It follows the lifeguards around on Bondi Beach in Australia, it shows their rescues and they have a great sense of humor so you'll get some good laughs in while watching it.

  • Its A Cowgirl's Life rope halter: I now make custom halters! They are rope halters with custom braided paracord on the noseband. I can also do matching leadropes.

  • Everything Everything: I read this book in 2 days. It was so good! Read more about it on Book Worm: Book Recommendations blog post.

  • Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous Podcast: I came across this podcast not too long ago and I love it! Courtney has great podcasts, and does some awesome interviews. If you're into motivational, inspirational, and fitness things then you should check this podcast out. After listening to one of her podcasts you will feel "Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous"!

That is all for my Favorites for the month of February. Leave a comment on what some of your favorites were during February. 

*This post is not sponsored, all opinions are genuinely my own.

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