My Must Have: Equine/Equestrian items.

Hey y'all! I hope you had a wonderful week and have a fantastic week ahead. This week I am going to be sharing with you My Must Have: Equine/Equestrian items. I will share some must haves for my horses and some must haves for me. 


  • Clint R Mint horse treats: You have probably heard me mention these treats but these are my horses absolute favorite treats, they love these! I also love that they aren't full of a bunch of junky ingredients but they have very few ingredients. 
  • Its A Cowgirl's Life Halter: Of course my horses love their Its A Cowgirl's Life custom rope halters. Visit the 'Shop' section on my site to fill out the message form to order a rope halter with a custom para-cord braided nose band. These halters have made it to Washington State, and Illinois and we would love to get these all over the U.S.!
  • Its A Cowgirl's Life Leadrope: My Horses love their custom Its A Cowgirl's Life leadropes too! Our leadropes have made it to Florida, Illinois, and Washington State so far! We would love to get them all over the U.S. visit 'Shop' to fill out the message form and get you and your horse a customized para-cord lead rope. 
  • Homemade Detangler: I rarely brush my horses manes and tails without using this DIY: Detangler it is budget friendly, a DIY and keeps their manes and tails soft, it can't get much better! 
  • Lunge Line: This is for sure a Must Have. Since I do not currently have a round pen yet this is how I will bring Mickey back into shape from his Winter break. 


  • Tipperary Helmet: I do not ride without a helmet, and I love my tipperary helmet!
  • Go Pro Hero 5: My sister got me a go pro for my birthday/christmas last year, so I now love riding with it now! 
  • Goobers Graphics Tumbler: This tumbler is perfect for the barn, or any occasion really. Perfect to keep your drink hot in the colder months, or to keep your drink cold in the warmer months. They are customizable and super cute!
  • JBL clip speaker: I absolutely love this speaker, I can clip it on my belt loop and jam around the barn or I can clip it onto my saddle and listen to music, podcasts, or audio books. 
  • Tin Haul Cowboy Boots: These boots are my all time favorites. Although I do wear other boots since getting my first pair of Tin Hauls I have not ridden in anything else since. 

Those are my current must haves, I will probably do a updated version at the end of summer as well. I would love to see what your favorites are so please, leave a comment on what your Equine/Equestrian must haves are. 

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