Total Equine Feed: Review.

Hey Y'all! In today's post I am going to be reviewing Total Equine by Total Feeds. I will be sharing my story and how my horses are doing on this feed. My Horses have been on this feed for about 4 years. 

Rewind about 3-4 years ago, we were living in Florida, and the horses were on a "normal" grain. Mickey's (Senior Quarter Horse) daily feed routine was: 1 scoop (3 quarts) of Purina Strategy Healthy Edge, 1-2 cups of renew gold. Joint supplement, electrolytes, Healthy Coat, and then we added beet pulp occasionally because he still wasn't at a perfect weight. He had plenty of grass 24/7 and got 1 flake of hay a day. He was exercised almost daily so he did have great muscle tone. 

Dixie's (Quarter Horse) daily routine was: 1/2 scoop (1.5 quarts) of Nutrena Safe Choice Maintenance along with grass and hay. She also had daily exercise and she had great muscle tone. She is a pretty easy keeper so weight was not an issue for her. 

Titus's (Brother's Draft Horse) daily routine was: He also got 1/2 scoop (1.5 quarts) of Nutrena Safe Choice Maintenance along with grass and hay. He was exercised occasionally. With Titus we had to watch his weight cause he gains weight easily and fairly fast if we are not careful.

So that is what their routine used to be. Once we moved to Michigan we needed to find one feed that all of the horses could thrive on. Our first priority was to find a feed that would maintain a healthy weight on Mickey. Our next requirement was that the feed could not make horses "hot" as Dixie would get hot easily on many grains. Last but not least we needed it to not put too much fat on Titus. 

I Found out about Total Equine by Total Feeds on Social Media. We found a dealer and finished up the last of the horses grain then went and bought some. We started feeding this feed to all three of them. Within a few weeks I noticed a difference in their coat/mane/tail. It was shinier and just healthier looking. I also was able to eliminate all the extras in Mickey's diet which saved a lot in monthly feed bill costs. In a few more weeks Mickey no longer showed any ribs, before Total Equine he always had a tiny bit of his ribs that showed. Dixie did not get hot on this grain and she had leaner muscle and had more prominent muscles as well. Titus maintained a pretty good weight other than the grass belly he'd acquire in the spring;) 


  • Mickey 22yrs old - 1 Scoop (3 quarts) of Total Equine per day. Weekly exercise (except in winter). 24/7 turn out in spring, summer, fall and 1 flake of hay per day. Day time turn out and access to round bale and 2 flakes of hay at night when come in.  
  • Dixie 9yrs old - 1/2 Scoop (1.5 quarts) of Total Equine per day. Same daily routine as Mickey. Almost daily exercise but had 2 years off for an injury, which is healed and she can ride again:) 
  • Titus 15yrs old - 1/2 scoop (1.5 quarts) of Total Equine per day. Titus is at collage with my brother, he is stalled and gets 3 flakes am and pm. He gets daily exercise and has a very healthy weight and has great muscle tone. 

All in all, this is hands down the best feed I have tried! I have gotten my Aunt and Uncle, and family friends to try this feed and they all love it! If you have a horse who needs some extra weight or may be a senior and just needs the extra support I would highly recommend this feed. Even if you have an easy keeper, this would be an awesome one to try. As always be sure to conduct your own research before trying anything new with your animals. 

I hope this post was helpful and maybe even inspired you to give it a try on your horses. Be sure to visit Total Feeds, they have other feeds and products as well but I have only tried Total Equine so far. 

Much Love, - Kelly. 

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