Premium Pine Shavings VS Equine Pelletized Bedding

Hey everyone! I hope Y’all had a great week. Today I am going to do a comparison and review on the Tractor Supply Co. Equine Pelletized Bedding and the Tractor Supply Co. Fine Premium Shavings. So we will go ahead and start with the Premium Shavings.

What the product claims to do:

  • Easy Clean.
  • Absorbent.
  • Low Dust.
  • Less Waste.

These are my favorite kind of shavings, especially for the Winter months. They are easy to put into the stall, all you have to do is cut the bag open and spread it around. I find that it takes about 2-3 bags to build up enough cushion for the horses. It is easy to clean, and it separates from the poop easily as well. It is absorbent, but not quite as absorbent as the Pelletized Bedding. It also smells nice which I really like. It is not super dusty especially for shavings, but I have noticed if you go any finer than this cut of shavings it can get a little dusty. The Premium Pine shavings do not have a lot of waste compared to flakier shavings, however they do have a little more waste than the Pelletized Bedding. I do think that these shavings do everything that it claims. I use about 2-3 bags a week or as needed. They cost $5.79 per bag but are on sale for $5.00 a bag right now. Make sure that you check your local store for pricing as it could be different.

Now it is time to talk about the Tractor Supply Co. Equine Pelletized Bedding.

What the product claims to do:

  • Superior Absorbency.
  • Reduces Stall Cleaning Time.
  • Naturally Neutralizes Odor.

While I do love the TSC Premium Pine Shavings I do use the pelletized bedding during the Summer months. I like these for the Summer because it is a lighter, finer shaving which I like when it is warmer out. I put about 4-5 bags of these shavings in the stall to start out with. So with these shavings they are little pine pellets, then you wet them with water and they expand into a super fine saw dust. There are two ways you can use these. You can empty the bags in the stall, spread it around then wet it. You can also cut a line in the bag horizontally and vertically and add water, then once it expands empty the bag into the stall, which is how I like to do it. These shavings are very absorbent which I love, the pee does not spread out so much and stays in one spot. It is really easy and quick to clean the stall’s and not a lot of shavings go to waste. The shaving’s just fall right through the pitch fork when picking up the poop therefore reducing the amount of waste. These shaving’s also help control the odor which is another reason I like to use these in the Summer. This product also does everything that it claims to do. I use about 3-4 bags a week. These shaving’s are also on sale for $5.00 a bag right now. Again make sure y’all check your local Tractor Supply for pricing.

TSC. Premium Fine Shavings here.

TSC. Equine Pelletized Bedding here

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. all opinions are my own.

* These shavings are on sale now for $5.00 but are originally $5.79.

Happy HorsesKelly O'Connor