Motivation vs. Discipline

Hey y’all! So, I thought I’d add a Motivation Monday to Blogtober. Today I am going to be talking about Motivation vs. Discipline. Let me start off by sharing the definition of both according to google.

I’ve often heard “That’s amazing, you’re so motivated! I wish I was that motivated.” While I take that as a huge compliment because I am a very motivated person, sometimes I just have to be disciplined.

Being Disciplined when you aren’t motivated is super important. There are days when it gets below 0 degrees and I just don’t want to go outside, but I do because I have goals and my Horses are a priority. In that example, I had to use discipline to realize that my Horses were the priority and if I take care of them to the best of my ability I know they will appreciate that and take care of me. In a time when I need discipline to get moving once I am up doing what I am supposed to do then motivation takes over.

So, when you see other people being super productive and always working, some days they may not be motivated and they are just disciplined.

I also heard from Kalyn Nicholson that Action = Motivation. So just remember what your goal is and if you want to be the best, think what would someone who’s the best at it do.


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Kelly O'Connor